A Visit to the China Institute in NYC


A little over a week ago I attended my first “meetup” through meetup.com.  Meetups are a great way to connect with other people who enjoy learning or doing something new.  My love of all things cultural leads me to a meetup at the China Institute on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Although the China […]

My 2014 NYC Bucket List

The NYC Pizza Walk focuses on pizza from a historical perspective. Being a history buff, I excited that we will start at  America’s oldest pizzeria, Lombardi's Pizza.

On New Year’s day, I watched an interview on the Today Show with motivational expert, Jon Gordon.  Since it was New Years’ Day, it was no surprise that the interview was about resolutions, but Gordon made it simple.  He said reaching a goal can sometimes be accomplished by breaking it down to one word.  A […]

New York City’s Most Haunted Neighborhood

Washington Square

One of the best ways to truly experience New York City is to the explore the many neighborhoods as if they were a living museum.   As you wander through these areas, you will discover that each is defined by their personality and layers of history lend themselves to tales of the past, some of […]

Calling All Fashionistas

Pierre Cardin, Dress, Fuchsia Dynel (Cardine), 1968, France, 70.62.1, Gift of Lauren Bacall.

There is always something to do in New York City.  I was reminded of this fact this past Tuesday when I was driving to my appointment on West 26th Street and found myself around the corner from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Luck would have it that traffic was kind of light (which hardly ever […]