The “Crookedest Street” In The World

Beautiful Hydrangeas along Lombard Street.

Today as I surfed through iPhoto on my computer for a picture for a church project, I stumbled upon signs of spring.  As the snow continued to fall outside my window, I paused on beautiful flowers with a bright blue sky in the background.  The gorgeous hydrangeas bloom along the “most crooked street” in the […]

Boudin Museum & Bakery Tour

Is this teenager smiling in a museum?  Yes, because he was able to sample the sourdough bread!

Today I was speaking to one of my customers over a catered lunch from Panera Bread.  As he tore off a piece of bread from their customary French loaf, he stated that bread is the only food that everyone shares among various cultures.  I agreed and told him that growing up in New Orleans; French […]