The Indy 500 – The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

The Indy 500, 2014

This past Memorial Day weekend, my son and I headed to Indianapolis, Indiana which is also known as the “Racing Capital of the World.”  I had read beforehand that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could fit Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Roman Colosseum and the Vatican City inside the oval of the speedway. […]

Traveling back 400 Years on Roanoke Island

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Last week Samantha Brown, one of my favorite travel celebrities posted East Coach Beaches with Nearby History.  Since the beach is always on the top of my son’s travel list and history is on mine, I excitedly clicked the link in my Facebook news feed.  Her list included Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, Fort Sumter in […]

Tips to Navigating NYC with Kids


Today I was in NYC and had the same energized feeling that I had eighteen years ago when I moved to the “Big Apple.”  My son shares the same love of the city.  I thought it would be great to pass along some easy tips to navigate the city for other families. Some of my […]

Cape Cod


After what I have called my year of transition (new house, new job, new car),  I was looking to escape where I could leave all the craziness of my life behind for a couple of days. My aha moment came when I recalled a quote referencing Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau, ” A man […]

Step back into the 16th Century at the New York Renaissance Faire


An hour north of NYC you can spend the day as if you were living in the 16th Century at the New York Renaissance Faire.  My son and I had a great time a couple of years ago in the woodlands of Sterling Forest in Tuxedo Park, New York.  We spent a full day enjoying […]