13 Interesting Facts I Learned While Traveling in 2013


Considering that I named this blog Sherri’s Traveling Classroom, it should be no surprise that I enjoy learning.  Learning wasn’t always that fascinating to me, especially during the years I was in school. The turning point for me was when my son entered grade school.  We started to travel more to enhance his learning which […]

Courageous and Curious … my 100th Post


Over the last couple of months, I realized that my 100th post was approaching and I started brainstorming ideas for the day when my fingers would hit the keyboard for the 100th time.  I thought about making a list of my top post, but I usually save that for my end of the year post. […]

Celebrating Two Years


  This week marks the 2nd anniversary of The Traveling Classroom!  I have a lot to celebrate as I mark the date.  One reason to celebrate is that I stepped it up this year by moving over to a self-hosted site, changed The Traveling Classroom’s look and incorporated my new logo.  I still crack up […]

So Long 2012, Hello 2013

The beautiful Outer Banks...my favorite photograph from 2012.

As 2012 is about to close, I thought I would take a look back on what I have recently been calling an “uneventful” year.  I guess it takes a moment of reflection to realize that it is ridiculous to have been referring to 2012 as uneventful.  I have let my dreams of going to Paris […]

Grateful After Sandy


My friend  Gail, from high school, posted the following quote on Facebook last week by Albert Clark.  “In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”  Despite the unusual circumstances that many people have experienced in the Northeast, I am glad, […]

Celebrating One Year of Travel Blogging – Top 10 Posts


Today marks the first anniversary of the Traveling Classroom.  Sharing my stories of traveling with my son simply began when one of my friends told me I should write a book about the places I go with my son.  Intimidated by the whole book idea, I decided perhaps I’ll take baby steps and thought about […]

Reflection and Resolutions


The last day of 2011 is here! Today is both a day to reflect on the past year and think about where we wanted to go in 2012.  When I think back over this past year, gratitude exudes my heart for the many adventures I have taken with my son and my extended family.  Our […]

Tips to Navigating NYC with Kids


Today I was in NYC and had the same energized feeling that I had eighteen years ago when I moved to the “Big Apple.”  My son shares the same love of the city.  I thought it would be great to pass along some easy tips to navigate the city for other families. Some of my […]

Re-starting this blog thanks to the Happiness Project!

Okay, I saw the author of the Happiness Project on the Today Show a couple of months back and said to myself, “I need to get that book!”  Then a couple of weeks ago, I was speaking to my best friend since the fourth grade, and she was telling me about the Happiness Project, so […]