My Final Trip With My Dad

George Scofield
September 7, 1946 - October 19, 2015

One month ago today, October 9, 2015, my Dad and I ventured out together for what would be our last road trip.  The trip wasn’t a vacation that we had excitedly counted down to like in the past when we traveled to San Diego, Washington, DC or Charleston.  Vacationing with my Dad was so much […]

A Visit to the China Institute in NYC


A little over a week ago I attended my first “meetup” through  Meetups are a great way to connect with other people who enjoy learning or doing something new.  My love of all things cultural leads me to a meetup at the China Institute on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Although the China […]

The “Crookedest Street” In The World

Beautiful Hydrangeas along Lombard Street.

Today as I surfed through iPhoto on my computer for a picture for a church project, I stumbled upon signs of spring.  As the snow continued to fall outside my window, I paused on beautiful flowers with a bright blue sky in the background.  The gorgeous hydrangeas bloom along the “most crooked street” in the […]

2014 – A Year of Travel Transitioning


So here we are as another year flies by, officially becoming the past.  Earlier today there was a fill in the blank question floating around Facebook.  You might have seen it too.  It was “2014 was the year of _______?”  I honestly didn’t have to think about it too much before I came up with […]

Hiking to the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, an American Landmark

As you know since my last post, I have been “California Dreaming.”  Of course, you can’t think of California without thinking about the Bay City’s landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. I have been to San Francisco several times for business meetings, but I only had viewed the famous bridge from afar.  My last trip to […]

10 Reasons Santa Cruz is So Dreamy

Picture Perfect

This morning I woke up at my leisure and decided to start working off those extra pounds from the holiday indulging I took part in over the last week.  As I hit my iPod on shuffle, Katy Perry’s California Gurls started to play, so I decided to select the 60 minute Monterey Coastal Trail on […]

Norman Rockwell, America’s Illustrator


It is no secret that I love to travel, but there is one time a year that I long to be home.  Christmas time.  I usually save up enough vacation time to add onto company holidays to solidify two weeks off from my full-time sales career.  Upon telling one of my customers last week about […]

7 Reasons I am Smitten with Charleston


Have you ever visited a city that has left you feeling like a love-struck teenager?  Since visiting Charleston, South Carolina a couple of months ago, I find it hard to think of anything else and can often be caught daydreaming about moving to the Holy City and calling it home. One reason that it was […]

NYC Pizza Tour

The Original

Yesterday my teenage son and I ventured to NYC to grab a slice of pizza, well actually three slices. Checking off an item from My 2014 NYC Bucket List and sometimes scoring with my son on our once a month “forced family fun day,” we were led by self-declared “Pizza Enthusiast,” Miriam Weiskind from Scott’s Pizza […]

Pub Tour of Charleston

Palmetto Blonde

Last weekend I finally made it to Charleston, South Carolina.  I have wanted to visits for the last couple of years after researching my next big move.  (Sorry New York, but you are too expensive and I long for warm temperatures and being surrounded by well-mannered people of the south.)   With my son away […]