The “Crookedest Street” In The World

Today as I surfed through iPhoto on my computer for a picture for a church project, I stumbled upon signs of spring.  As the snow continued to fall outside my window, I paused on beautiful flowers with a bright blue sky in the background.  The gorgeous hydrangeas bloom along the “most crooked street” in the world. Located in San Francisco, California you will find the winding Lombard Street.

Beautiful Hydrangeas along Lombard Street.The Beautiful Hydrangeas framed Lombard Street.

Surprisingly, Lombard Street is open to traffic.

Surprisingly, Lombard Street is open to traffic.

Lombard Street is one of the most famous and photographed streets in the world.  Like many people before us, my son and I climbed 253 steps to the left and 249 steps on the right side of the street snapping pictures while getting a workout.  There are eight switchbacks and twelve flowerbeds with over 2,000 blue and purple hydrangeas.  The manicured flowers bloom all year-long.

Lombard Street marks it's 165th anniversary in 2015.

Lombard Street marked its 165th anniversary in 2015.

Right now my hydrangeas in my front yard even though are only nineteen days away from spring, but hey who’s counting! At least I can revisit the beautiful weather that accompanies such beautiful blooming flowers by reflecting on memories and photographs of the day when I visited a charming crooked street.

A view from the bottom of the street.

A view from the bottom of the street.

Where is your favorite flowerbed that reminds you of springtime?


  1. I have always wanted to go to San Fran, and when people ask me if I want to go to the pier or the Golden Gate or the ballpark, I say yes, but this funky little street is what I most want to see, as crazy as that is. I think it is as much a part of Frisco as Alcatraz and to take a rental car down that bad boy would be a dream, lol. Thanks for sharing, seems like you were there at the perfect time of year, too!

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