Celebrating Two Years


PlanetPOV-2nd-Anniversary1This week marks the 2nd anniversary of The Traveling Classroom!  I have a lot to celebrate as I mark the date.  One reason to celebrate is that I stepped it up this year by moving over to a self-hosted site, changed The Traveling Classroom’s look and incorporated my new logo.  I still crack up when I see the animated version of myself and can’t believe I found it on istockphoto.com!

Another reason to celebrate is that I am approaching my 100th post.  When I started this blog, my sister asked me “what happens when you run out of things to write about?”  I just replied I wouldn’t because writing about traveling and my favorite thing to do is to go where I haven’t been before.  So as I approach my 100th post, I still have about 96% of the world to see according to Tripadvisor, so there are countless things to do, to see, and endless writing opportunities.   Now that is a reason to celebrate!

Marking the anniversary also allows me to reflect on the different post I have written.  I still get a thrill out of checking my statistics to see what people searched for that led them to my blog and which post is popular.  Practically every day someone clicks on a post that I wrote in January 2012 – 12 Long Island Family Day Trips to Experience in 2012.  The popularity of this post and the different post on the Gold Coast Mansions has led me to another big decision; I am going to write a Long Island travel guide.  It has been one of my dreams to write a book.  Now I have the blogosphere to hold me accountable, so I guess I have to follow through.  Now that is a reason to celebrate!

The final reason to celebrate is the reason why I write and travel in the first place – collecting memories and learning new things along the way.  As a result, I look at the world differently.  When I meet people while traveling, I can’t wait to hear their story.  I marvel at the surroundings and find history and art in almost every place I visit.   “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”  Now that is a reason to celebrate!

Does traveling make you want to celebrate?


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