Summer Sundays at Brookhaven National Laboratory

This guy didn't have his own hair to experiment with the Van de Graaff Generator!

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a research laboratory funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The facility focuses on research for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science and advanced technology and is located on eastern Long Island.  Every summer, the Laboratories host a four-week series of free programs on Sundays and invites the public […]

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Kite flying at Jockey's Ridge on top of the sand dunes.

Wow, was it HOT today in New York!  Throughout the work day, the oppressive heat had me longing to take a dip in a pool or simply stand in the middle of the lawn in the sprinkler.  The last time I recall being in such intense heat was last summer on our vacation to the […]

Infinity at NASA Stennis Space Center

F-1 Rocket Engine - one of the most powerful machines ever made.

Where did you go to celebrate Christmas?  My son and I headed down to Louisiana to visit my parents, which was a trip long overdue since we haven’t observed with family members down south in eleven years.  After a couple of days of gorging ourselves with an enormous amount of food and sitting on our […]

Wright Brothers National Memorial


Next Monday, December 17th, marks the 110th Anniversary of Flight when the Wright Brothers skimmed over the sands of the Outer Banks in their “Wright Flyer.” On that cold December morning in 1903, the brothers who owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio had ventured to Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina.  Kill Devil Hills […]

The World’s Largest Aquarium


A couple of weeks ago I attended a private dinner at the Georgia Aquarium.  I have to tell you that I was pretty excited to go to the world’s largest aquarium and the fact that the aquarium would close to the public while I viewed the galleries was icing on the cake. During the dinner in the […]

30 Reasons to Vacation in Riverhead – Part Two


Did you enjoy part one of  30 reasons to vacation in Riverhead?  As mentioned before, the neat thing about Riverhead is that there is something for everyone. Mom’s and daughters will enjoy having tea at Tea Time Cottage, decorating Gingerbread cookies at The Gingerbread University and shopping at the outlets. Fathers and son’s will enjoy […]

30 Reasons to Vacation in Riverhead – Part One


Riverhead, New York is a small town on the east end of Long Island sitting at the mouth of Peconic River.  Many people associate Riverhead with the Aquarium, the water park Splish Splash, and the Tanger Outlets.  These might be the most popular attractions, but Riverhead has so much more to offer.  Affordable hotels (that […]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Across the country, many students today started or returned to college.  About 28,000 students walk the campus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which is North Carolina’s oldest state university.  UNC was chartered in 1789 and opened its doors for students in 1795.  It is the only public university in the United […]

Coe Hall Mansion at Planting Fields State Historic Park


Last week while roaming Barnes and Nobel, I stumbled upon what many people consider to be the “Great American Novel” on the summer reading table, The Great Gatsby.  I ended up purchasing The Great Gatsby wanting to re-read it from my high school days before the new movie comes out May 2013.  Reading through F. […]

Toronto’s Must See Family Attractions


Our road trip through Western New York state and Canada included many new pit stops. We were very excited for our two days in Toronto because we planned on cheering on our beloved New York Yankees that were scheduled to play the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.  We were also excited because we had […]