The World’s Largest Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago I attended a private dinner at the Georgia Aquarium.  I have to tell you that I was pretty excited to go to the world’s largest aquarium and the fact that the aquarium would close to the public while I viewed the galleries was icing on the cake.

During the dinner in the ballroom, we were able to enjoy a pretty spectacular backdrop, the Ocean Voyager exhibit.  This exhibition was created to house whale sharks, the largest fish species in the world, so you can understand why this particular tank holds 6.3 million gallons of water.  In addition to the four whale sharks, there were also four manta rays which were beautiful.  Of course, the whale sharks and manta rays were the stars of the show, but the stingrays and Goliath grouper were also pretty amazing too.

Told you they were pretty big.

After our dinner, we were able to tour the aquarium freely for a couple of hours. We visited all the regions of the world ranging from the cold ocean waters to the warm coral reefs.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the beluga whales and the southern sea otters in the Cold Water Quest gallery.  The sea otters, which are endangered species were adorable, and there was a cute baby snuggled up to its mom.

Southern Sea Otters

There were several other galleries like the Georgia Explorer where there were many touch pools and interactive exhibits.  We saw an albino alligator in the River Scout gallery.  In the dolphin tales show, we saw what else…two dolphins entertaining each other.  The Frog exhibit which opened up at the beginning of the year had over fifteen species of frogs, and many were quite colorful.

I enjoy scuba diving and Key West, so it is no surprise that my favorite gallery was the Tropical Diver.  The aquarium was relaxing, and I enjoyed seeing “Nemo,” seahorses and amazing jellyfish.  At the center, the exhibit was one of the largest living exhibits. There were even waves crashing overhead while we sat mesmerized while viewing the living corals, thousands of colorful fish and little glass sweepers.

My favorite picture from the Georgia Aquarium.

Pacific Sea Nettle Jellies

Moon Jellies

I enjoyed my evening at the Georgia Aquarium and would love to return with my family.   I also really thought the location was perfect for families, so we will have quite a few places to check out.  The Georgia Aquarium neighbors the World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, the CNN Center where you can tour the CNN Studio and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. No other place can claim that they are the home of the world’s largest aquarium and the fact that there so many other family friendly things to do make Atlanta a great place to spend a weekend. What do you think?

Have you been to the Georgia Aquarium?

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