Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition

The Artifact Exhibition

This year will be the 100th anniversary of the world’s most famous shipwreck, the Titanic. Several events will take place to commemorate this anniversary like the re-release in 3-D of the 1997 Titanic movie and an auction of 5,000 artifacts.

The Grand Staircase

Another way to mark this event is to visit the Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition.  We visited this exhibit when it was at the Discovery Times Square in New York City.  I have seen many traveling exhibits that have come to the Discovery Times Square, and this by far is my favorite!  When we entered the exhibit, we received a replica- boarding pass of an actual passenger aboard the Titanic.  Then we traveled on the historical journey of how the ship met its fate.  Two of the things that I remember most was touching the cold iceberg and seeing China perfectly stacked in the sand in front of a picture capturing them originally on the bottom of the ocean floor.  It is unbelievable that the dishes were perfectly stacked.  The cabinets that eventually disintegrated had preserved them.  At the end of the exhibit, we were able to look up the name of the passenger on our boarding pass on the Memorial Wall to discover whether they perished or survived.

My son had read Titanic by Anna Claybourne and Katie Daynes before we visited the exhibit in November of 2009.  The exhibition brought the pages in the book alive for him, and it was also an opportunity to learn about the human spirit in the face of the tragedy from the stories throughout the exhibit.

This exhibition is no longer in New York, but if you are lucky enough be in the area of one of the current or upcoming exhibits, I highly recommend viewing this fabulous collection.  The journey back to 1912 will allow you to connect with the passengers and crew through personal stories, and you and your children will learn things you never knew about the” unsinkable” ship.

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