Reflection and Resolutions

The last day of 2011 is here! Today is both a day to reflect on the past year and think about where we wanted to go in 2012.  When I think back over this past year, gratitude exudes my heart for the many adventures I have taken with my son and my extended family.  Our day trips and vacations have left us with new knowledge and tightened family bonds.  I particularly have enjoyed trips that have included my niece and nephews.  Starting a tradition that they look forward to and hopefully, will remember these childhood memories as they grow older.

My nephews and son on Martha’s Vineyard this past July.

This year I had to be frugal due to a job change, buying a home and having to purchase a car.  Unfortunately, we were not able to travel as much as we did in the past few years.  I am grateful that I have been able to share many of my past travel experiences on the Traveling Classroom.  Writing about our previous trips gave me just as much joy as when we visited the first time.  I am also very grateful that we live so close to New York City.  The city offers a great alternative when you are not able to travel across the world.  We were able to visit Pompeii at the Times Square Discovery Exhibit.  Hit the Hollywood scene at Madame Tussaud’s New York Wax Museum and the Museum of Moving Image.

Museum of Moving Image (Soundtrack Exhibit)

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

We also took in the great outdoors by rock climbing in Central Park and Ice Skating at Bryant Park.  The holidays were special too because there is no better place to be for Christmas than in New York City!

“Tebowing” on the ice at Bryant Park

Top of the Rock in Central Park

Rockerfeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza

Christmas in New York

             As I think about the coming year, I am excited about our awaiting adventures.  My nephews visited over the holidays, and they were already asking where we were going to explore in 2012.  Another trip to Washington D.C. is only a few months away, and I am excited that it will be a family affair that includes my parents, my sister and her four children.  I always look forward to summer vacation and have a few ideas, so I can’t wait to start doing a little research to see what I come up with that is educational, fun and budget friendly.

Of course, when you think of an upcoming year, it is natural to ponder some resolutions.  A few things that I would like to do this year involve my son more into the planning of our trips.  I also would like to learn more about travel blogging and am looking forward to attending a travel blogging conference and meeting other bloggers.  Lastly, I look forward to improving the Traveling Classroom with Tuesday Travel Tips and Friday Featured Calendar Events!

As this year comes to a close today, I would like to thank those who have viewed, followed and commented on the Traveling Classroom.  I hope my blog post over the last eight months has provided you and your family with travel ideas and useful information.  Traveling has been a bonding experience for my family that has in turned continued to increase our curiosity and thirst to know more!  I hope you and your families experience the same.


Happy New Year from the Traveling Classroom!

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