The National WWII Museum



On a visit down in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to take my son to the National World War II Museum.  Both my parents were with us, so they were able to tell my son stories first hand since their fathers had served in World War II.  My grandfather, Jack Scofield was involved in the Okinawa invasion as a member of the Coast Guard and my Paw-Paw had been in the Navy.

My Dad told my son how the Higgins built the landing craft in New Orleans and that these boats were in the amphibious landings during the war.  We were able to see the Higgins landing craft along with some jeeps in the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion.  My son was also excited to see the  C-47 because he knew my Dad was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and he loves planes.

There were several exhibits in the museum, and they divided into areas that discussed the home front, planning for D-Day, the D-Day beaches and the D-Day Invasion in the Pacific.  My favorite parts were watching the personal accounts that were in the videos, the animated map and finding the brick outside the museum with my grandfather’s name.  It was so touching knowing that he will never be forgotten.

Our day at the National World War II Museum turned out to be a great experience for my son, and it was an opportunity to learn about his great-grandfathers and other brave men and women during this critical time in history.  Next time you are in New Orleans, take a break from the typical tourist attractions and head to this astounding museum.  Perhaps it will allow you to reflect on one of your family members that were part of the second world war.


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