All Aboard the Red Caboose

   In the beautiful countryside of Lancaster County you can stay at the Red Caboose Motel right in the middle of Strasburg, Pennsylvania trains country.  A couple of summers ago, we met my sister and kids at The Red Caboose and had a memorable time.  We stayed in a caboose one night and then the farm-house, which is on the same property another night.  It was a low-key fun weekend, and the kids had a blast watching an outdoor evening movie, chasing fireflies, feeding the animals, watching the Strasburg Train pass by and playing on the open fields and play equipment

If you are wondering what is there to do outside this unique establishment, you will find yourself right in the heart of Amish Country and can take a buggy ride right from the Red Caboose, or you can go on Amish tour by  The Amish Village.  The tour is about a half hour, and the kids will learn all about the Amish lifestyle and their history and culture.

Of course, since we were staying on a train we had to take a 45-minute train ride from the Strasburg Railroad, and we also checked out the model train shop which was at the station.  For all those with little children who love Thomas the Tank Engine, be sure to check out the Strasburg Railroad website for dates because Day Out With Thomas occurs three times a year!  Attending the event three times when my son was little, this is a must do at least once!

If the kids are itching to hit an amusement park and you don’t want to head out to Hershey, a closer bet is Dutch Wonderland.  There are enough rides to keep the kids happy, and there is a water attraction called Duke’s Lagoon.

Spending the night in a caboose was such wondrous experience.  It was affordable and simple.  I mean simple in a good way too…open land, watching the train go by and chasing fireflies



  1. My kids (like all kids) love trains so I think the Red Caboose would be a big hit with them!

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