Baseball History in Baltimore

    After taking in a Orioles and Yankee game at Camden Yards, we enjoyed two great museum experiences.  First, we went to the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum.  The museum is in the historic house where Babe Ruth was born.  Being Yankee fans, my son and I were surprised to find out that it was the Orioles that gave Babe Ruth his first professional contract.  We enjoyed viewing all the memorabilia from this baseball icon.  There were exhibits from his playing years and his family life.  Any baseball fan would love this display.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we checked out the Sports Legend Museum which opened in 2005.  The majority of the collections revolved around Maryland Sports teams, but the boys had fun in the interactive part of the museum.  Their favorite was dressing up in the college athletic locker room!

Next time you are in Baltimore, definitely make time to check out these two museums.  Learning more about the “Babe” will give you a new appreciation for America’s first sports celebrity.

Sports Legends Museum

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